Water for Agriculture Project in Mifflin County

The Water for Agriculture project is designed to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, technical assistance providers, scientists, agencies, residents, local governments and organizations to develop a comprehensive strategy and action plan to address the water and agricultural issues that matter most to residents of Mifflin County.

Beginning in January 2019, a local leadership team of 12-15 leaders and residents will begin a modified strategic planning process.  We expect the process to be completed during the next 12 to 18 months.  This team will work together to identify critical issues in water and agriculture, assess current programs and resources, learn from one another and other experts and develop strategies to address the county’s most pressing needs – and the resources it will take to accomplish them.

Issues at the intersection of water and agriculture are increasingly complex and are influenced by such factors as broader economic trends; the need to maintain a vibrant agricultural economy; local, state, and federal regulations; available data and information and the availability of technical, educational and financial assistance programs. Developing effective solutions to these complex issues requires strategies that are reflective of these many perspectives and considerations, drawing on the strengths and assets of local organizations, agencies, agricultural producers and businesses, service providers and residents – as well as external resources and partners including University, Extension, and others.