Potter -Tioga Project Update: Summer 2019

Following a summer ‘pause’ similar to the other project sites, the Local Leadership Team met on August 2nd at the North Fork Dam Pavilion in Potter County. At this meeting we did a visioning-type exercise and discussion. A number of common themes emerged fro m the three breakout groups. At our next meeting we will narrow this list down to the top desired outcomes. Some of the most common action steps included: 1) better educational outreach efforts to tie in the local community; 2) farm open houses to highlight past, ongoing, and planned efforts to protect the water supply; and 3) press releases to promote goodwill and describe the team effort for community consumption.

Several small committees of membership have taken on responsibilities to promote activities at various functions. Additionally, a leadership team member provided us with a presentation about a commercially available app and service to determine nitrogen uptake/availability/deficiency. While we do not yet have a meeting date set, the group is would like to meet as soon as possible in September to ensure we build on the momentum we’ve established.