W4Ag Presentations – Selected project presentations

Manure Injection versus Broadcasting:
Effects on Phosphorus and Soil Loss

Melissa Miller, Former Research Assistant, Penn State University

Research conducted at a plot scale at Rock Springs PA looking at Phosphorus losses from Injecting Manure vs Broadcasting Manure.

There was a statistically significant reduction of Total Phosphorus loss and Dissolved Phosphorus loss in overland runoff resulting from Broadcast vs Injection application of manure. Particulate Phosphorus losses were not changed either way.

There were similar trends for Total Phosphorus and Dissolved Phosphorus losses through subsurface transport processes, but differences were not statistically significant due to subsurface flow variability.

M Miller NE Agribusiness slides

Water for Agriculture Planning Session – Verde Valley

Overview and summary of Water for Agriculture issues and priorities in the Verde Valley, AZ.  Presenters Sarah Porter, Clinton Williams and Chrissie Bausch.  Nov, 15, 2019


From Knowledge to Understanding: Lessons Learned from Integrating Research and Stakeholder Engagement in a Water and Agriculture Project

Water for Agriculture presented as part of Earth Lab’s “Lunch and Learn” series.

In this panel discussion, project personnel shared insights into several challenges and adaptations related to undertaking multidisciplinary work in partnership with community members.

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