Below you will find a list of all personnel involved on the Water for Ag project in alphabetical order by last name.  Use the drop-down menus on the top to sort for a specific project team, site, or university. Please note if you sort by name it will default to alphabetical by first name (not last). If you are looking for a specific person you can also use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the directory.

Description of Project Roles:
Collaborator – Research and outreach personnel providing assistance on specific project components.
Co-Principal Investigator – Research or outreach personnel responsible for implementing project goals and objectives.
Graduate Student – MS or PhD student conducting research with the project as part of their graduate training.
Project Director – Personnel responsible for overall project leadership, management, and administration.
Engagement Lead– Personnel responsible for project site facilitation and management.
Team Lead- Personnel responsible for leading project teams (listed below).

Project Teams:
There are 8 Teams responsible for conducting different aspects of the project.
– State Teams in Arizona, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania that coordinate and assist the activities in each project site.
– Project Teams that manage the research and outreach components of the project:
                     -Social-Behavioral Research Team
                     -Biophysical Research Team
                     -Engagement Team
– Project Advisory Team members are national and regional experts who provide guidance and feedback about the team’s performance and progress.

For any questions or help on using the directory please contact

 NameProject RoleTeam MembershipUniversity or OrganizationEmail
Lee AhernCo-PISocio-behavioral, Pennsylvania Penn State University
Ryan BarnesRyan BarnesGraduate StudentPenn State
BauschChrissie BauschCollaboratorArizona State
Melissa BeresfordCollaboratorArizona State University
Kathryn BrasierProject Director, PIPennsylvania, Socio-behavioral, Management, Engagement Penn State University
Anthony BudaCollaborator USDA-ARS
Mark BurbachCo-PI, Team Lead, Site Engagement LeadNebraska, Engagement, Socio-behavioral, Management University of
Cheryl Burkhart-KrieselCo-PI, Site Engagement LeadNebraska, Engagement University of
Morey BurnhamCollaboratorIdaho State University
Anil Kumar ChaudharyCo-PIPennsylvania,
Denise ColemanAdvisory CommitteeNRCS
Danelle CooperDanielle CooperCollaboratorArizona State
Jodi DelozierGraduate StudentNebraska, Engagement, Socio-behavioral Univsersity of
Dana DivineCollaboratorUniversity of
Meg du BrayCollaboratorArizona State University
Weston M. EatonCo-PI, Team LeadPennsylvania, Socio-behavioral, Management, Engagement Penn State University
Dean E. EdsonAdvisory CommitteeNebraska Association of Resources
Lara FowlerCo-PIPennsylvania, Engagement, Management Penn State University
Lilyan FulginitiCo-PINebraskaUniversity of
Ken GenskowAdvisory CommitteeUniversity of
Jessica GroskopfCo-PINebraska, Engagement University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Clare HinrichsCo-PIPenn State University
Michael L. HileCo-PIPennsylvania, Socio-behavioral Penn State University
Virginia IshlerCo-PIPennyslvania, Engagement, Bio-physical Penn State University
Michael KernAdvisory CommitteeWashington State
Peter KleinmanCollaborator Penn State University
Jonathan LaughnerCo-PI, Site Engagement LeadPennsylvania, EngagementPenn State University
Robert MeinenCo-PIPennsylvania, Bio-physicalPenn State University
Ruth MendumCo-PIPennsylvania, Engagment Penn State University
Charlayne MitchellCharlayne MitchellCollaboratorArizona State
rebecca muenichRebecca MuenichCollaboratorArizona State
Shad D. NelsonAdvisory CommitteeTexas A&M
Richard K. PerrinCo-PINebraskaUniversity of
Sarah PorterCo-PI, Site Engagement LeadArizona, Engagement Arizona State University
Heather Preisendanz Co-PIPennsylvania, Bio-physicalPenn State University
Barbara QuimbyBarbara QuimbySite Engagement LeadArizona, Engagement, and Social-Behavioral Arizona State University
Chittaranjan RayCo-PINebraska, Bio-physical University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Roque AnaisAnais RoqueCollaboratorArizona State
Daran RudnickCo-PINebraska, Bio-physical University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nicole SantangeloCo-PI, Site Engagement LeadPennsylvania, Engagement, Bio-physical Penn State University
George J. SeperichGeorge SeperichAdvisory CommitteeArizona State University
Loretta SingletaryAdvisory CommitteeUniversity of Nevada,
Bryan SwistockCo-PIPennsylvania Penn State University
John TysonCo-PI, Site Engagement LeadPennsylvania, Bio-pyhsical, Engagement Penn State University
Jack WatsonCo-PI, Team LeadPennsylvania, Bio-pyhsical, Management Penn State University
Jason WeigleCo-PI, Site Engagement LeadNebraska, Engagement University of
Hannah WhitleyGraduate StudentPennsylvania, Socio-behavioralPenn State University
Walt WhitmerCo-PI, Team Lead, Site Engagement LeadPennsylvania, Engagement, Management Penn State University
Clinton WilliamsCo-PI, Team LeadArizona, Bio-pyhsical, Management USDA-ARS
Amber WutichCo-PIArizona, Socio-behavioral Arizona State University
David YoxtheimerCo-PIPennsylvania, Bio-pyhsical Penn State University