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Central Platte Survey: Summary Results Released 

The Water for Agriculture project conducted a mail Central Platte survey of both agricultural and residential landowners in the Central Platte region, NE. The mail survey assessed landowner values, beliefs and behaviors related to streams, rivers and groundwater. Addresses for the survey were obtained from publicly available property tax records. A sample of 500 agricultural landowners were sent surveys, and 117 responded (for a response rate of 23.3%). A sample of 503 residential landowners were sent surveys, and 60 responded (11.9%). These numbers are consistent with or above the national average for mail survey responses.

Why this survey?

The survey was developed by Penn State in conjunction with the Water for Agriculture program’s North Platte region Local Leadership Team to better understand the perspectives of landowners in the North Platte region regarding ground and surface water issues. Our leadership team and its partners will use these results to inform and prioritize its activities to meet the most critical water and agricultural needs facing these watersheds. To learn more, visit https://water4ag.psu.edu or contact Mark Burbach at 402-472-8210 or mburbach1@unl.edu

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