Valley Verde, Arizona

Stakeholder Perspectives on Agriculture and Water in the Verde Valley

This report summarizes the key issues for agriculture and water that Verde Valley stakeholders identified in interviews and surveys over the first phase of the Water for Agriculture Project (spring 2018-summer 2019). The interviews revealed that stakeholders widely recognized farming and ranching as important to the history, character, culture, economy, environment, and future of the Verde Valley. They highlighted the challenges and opportunities in agriculture and water from the farm or ranch; to the watershed; all the way to state policy. The results of the stakeholder survey revealed that there are diverse information interests and a wide spectrum of data/knowledge gaps around water and agriculture. No issue or topic emerged with support from a clear majority of participants. Participants expressed the most interest in getting more information about water rights and settlements. They identified the greatest data/knowledge gap as best management practices at the parcel level (for example, for irrigation, pests, weeds, manure, soil, etc.).

W4Ag Verde Valley report FINAL2 2019

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