Meg du Bray

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Augustana College
Hanson 443
639 38th Street
Rock Island, Illinois, 61201

Meg du Bray completed a post-doctoral research fellowship with the EPSCoR MILES program at Idaho State University. Her research focuses on the political ecology and environmental anthropology of water governance and the social relations built around resource use.

In addition, her research has examined the environmental justice implications and emotional geographies of climate change in coastal communities, ecosystem services and disservices, mental health and stigma. Dr. du Bray is a member of the HWISE network.

At Augustana, Dr. du Bray teaches ENVR 100: Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability, ENVR 401/402: Capstone Experience, FYI 101: First Year Inquiry, and upper division courses such as Disaster!, Political Ecology of the Land, and Social Change for a Sustainable World.