Morey Burnham

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Idaho State University
Kegel Liberal Arts 349, Pocatello, ID 83209


Morey Burnham is a broadly trained environmental social scientist who works at the interface of climate change adaptation and vulnerability, agriculture, and water in arid and semi-arid regions, with a focus on the multi-scalar social-ecological processes that shape the ability of individuals, households, and institutions to adapt to climate change. His research is interdisciplinary, and he collaborates with biophysical scientists and use both qualitative and quantitative social science research methods to understand climate-society interactions. Currently, his research is focused on two broad questions:

  1. How do individuals and institutions adapt to climate and other social-ecological changes, and what are the social and biophysical processes that facilitate or impede particular forms of adaptation?
  2. How do planned adaptations implemented in farming communities interact with current agricultural production practices, livelihood strategies, and social norms and values to both reduce risk and create new forms of vulnerability?

He has conducted research to answer these questions in China, Idaho, and Utah.